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    We started with a workshop about photography in this nice old Chinese building where the Photocafe is founded.
    Kars explained some of his secret photography skills. It helped me to realize what details I should be focused on to make an interesting picture.

    Afterwards we walked through fairy tale alleys where Holi trees grow through walls cause houses are being built around it.
    We stopped at a book shop where we got Oolong tea from two old ladies which just opened their doors. We felt forever young.

    In between Kars explained me some basic technics how to deal with my camera. That was very helpful!

    Than we climbed the wooden stairs of an old house and found ourselves in a special museum of an opera singer which left his life adventures on a few square meters taking us back into show-time.

    At least we did eat vodka ice at a tiny factory.

    It has been a delicious, exiting and interesting day!

    I recommend every Bangkok visitor to take a Phototour with Bangkokphototour!

    I did meet ancient China Town through the eyes of a photographer.

    Cato Pater – The Netherlands


    There are not many air bnb experiences I have done that are truly unique.
    But this one was.
    Kars knows the city in a way I probably never will.
    He and his partner run a photo hostel in a really cool tucked away area of Bangkok and they are really tied into the local community.
    He has put together a collection of secret temples and hidden areas that would put any other photo tour to shame.
    On top of that Kars is a world class award winning photographer and shooting with him is a real joy.
    It is really easy to find amazing photos in Bangkok.
    If you like photography or want to get into it.
    The tour is absolutely worth it.
    You get free coffee and and cake with the tour as well as a bunch of small local snacks.
    It is a walking tour and it is Bangkok so be prepared to walk around 5 k (3 miles) in the heat.
    Most of it is in small narrow alleys though so there is plenty of shade.”.

    Ryan Stevens – USA