When do you offer tours?2022-06-07T05:04:10+00:00

We have tours literally all year round, in all weather and even on the holidays.

Please contact us, if you plan to book on holidays and are not sure about whether we offer anything during those days. We pretty much always find a solution, although we might require you to be a bit flexible sometimes.

To make sure a tour is available, we recommend to book as early as possible.

First booking gets served first.

Can I schedule a tour at any time of day?2022-06-07T05:03:34+00:00

Theoretically we can schedule the tour for any time of the day.

We just wanted to reduce the complexity of our booking system and therefore have recommended start times.

Please let us know, if you wish to start at another time in the comments section of your booking form or when you contact us via email.

Generally we will be happy to start at any time of the day from 9 am but it depends on the availability.

What languages do you offer tours/workshops in?2022-06-07T05:02:30+00:00

We do offer tours in English and Dutch.

Please let us know in the booking which language you prefer.

How do you go around?2021-12-29T11:03:32+00:00

Our main tour offerings for Bangkok are walking tours with workshops.

We think that they offer the most authentic experience when you visit Bangkok.

You will discover Bangkok up close and personal, just as locals see the city.

How can I pay for the tour?2021-12-29T11:04:02+00:00

You can pay before the tour starts at our Photo Cafe with cash, credit card or promptpay.

Do I have to pay in Thai baht?2022-06-07T05:01:49+00:00

Yes we accept only Thai baht.

You can pay cash, with card or with qr code.

What if I am late for the tour?2021-12-29T11:04:35+00:00

If you are up to 15 mins late for the tour, then your guide will of course wait for you and continue the tour as normal.

Your guide will still give you the full tour.

We wait maximum 15 minutes after that we will cancel the tour

Please let us know in advance when you want to cancel or if you will come later.

What happens if it rains on the day of the tour?2021-12-29T11:04:48+00:00

You can reschedule or cancel your tour in case of heavy rain.

What should we do if it’s really hot outside on the day of the tour?2021-12-29T11:05:08+00:00

We will stop more often in the shadows and our tour includes a local ice cream and a stop at a coffee shop.

How much walking do the tours involve?2021-12-29T11:05:26+00:00

Our 4 hour tours usually involve around 5 km of walking.

What should I bring to the tours?2021-12-29T11:05:44+00:00

Bring your phone or camera.

Please come in comfortable shoes.

When it’s sunny, cover up or put some sunscreen on.

Must I know a lot about photography?2021-12-29T11:02:10+00:00

This tour is not made for semi or professional photographers.

It is a workshop and tour for tourists or people who want to know more about photography and like to see local Bangkok.

How many people are typically on your tours?2022-06-07T05:04:41+00:00

Our private tours are only for the people you book for. If you are alone, it will just be you and your guide.

If you are a couple, just the two of you and your guide, and so on. We believe this is the best type of tour, so that it can be personalized to you, go at your own pace, and so that you can have the full attention of your guide for the duration of the tour.

Our group tours consist of a maximum of 5 people.

How can I book a tour?2021-12-29T11:01:18+00:00

You can book our tour offers right from the website and reserve them there.

If you wish a tailor-made tour, you can send us an email and we will be happy to create an itinerary for you.

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